Principal’s Message

2019-2020 School Year

Welcome to St. Mary’s Catholic Elementary School! The natural beauty of Goderich and its surroundings is the perfect backdrop for our school community named in honour of Mary, the Blessed Mother of Jesus.  At St. Mary’s, Mary, serves as a constant example of true service and represents the very foundation of who we are as a school.​

The goal of the school is quite simple; to create an environment where every child is challenged academically, athletically, musically, and spiritually.  As a dedicated learning team, we will strive to meet the needs of all students by using innovative teaching strategies, technologies, and by encouraging our students to have a positive attitude in everything they do. In addition, our school is proud to offer French immersion programming starting in grade one while also offering instrumental music starting in grade seven.

Students will have an opportunity to participate athletically both in non-competitive intramurals and competitive sports teams starting in grade 3 (competitive sports team will be selected by ability).  

Spiritually, the school will create opportunities where all students can experience “encounters with God” through classroom prayer, school-wide and community masses, as well as sacramental preparation with our parish partners. In addition, all students will study religious education and family life studies. The school will use the Ontario Catholic Graduate Expectations to guide student learning throughout the K-8 school experience. The promise we make at St. Mary’s school is that all students will have the opportunity to share their gifts and to reach their full potential within a Christ-centred learning environment.  

It is my honour to serve as the Principal of this Catholic school. On behalf of all staff and students, I want to invite you, whether you are a parent, a former student or staff member, a parishioner, or a member of the community, to be a part of our school this year! Visit our welcoming community, join us at Mass, volunteer in a classroom, follow us on Twitter or Facebook, and most importantly, pray for us!

In Christ,

Sean G. McDade

Principal ​